insurtech 03/October/2018

Insurtech News > Insurtech startup Anorak sets out to disrupt life insurance industry

In the UK, 8.5 million breadwinners don't have life insurance. Insurtech startup Anorak hopes to change this by making access to life insurance quotes and providers as intuitive as tapping in an app. 

Ten years ago, people would buy life insurance from their bank but that is no longer true today. "The banks have decided that it's too dangerous for them to give financial advice to the consumer," says Anorak co-founder and CEO, David Vanek speaking with Techworld by phone.

"Because they've been caught in massive miss-filing scandals like PPI," he adds. "So they just walked away and they've left people alone. There is now a big financial advice gap in the UK."

This means that today, people must go to financial advisors or insurance brokers for insurance, an approach which seems particularly antiquated today in the age of slick, digital-only app-delivered banking services. It can also be exclusive, because it's mostly affluent people who employ financial advisors. 

Into the gap steps Anorak, which offers you personalised life insurance advice and quotes in the most simple way possible. "It's reinventing the experience," Vanek says. "It's giving access to more people to regulated life insurance advice."

The company launched in 2017 and raised £4 million in seed funding from Kamet Ventures earlier in 2018.

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